our honeymoon :)

my hubby..shooting me at bali beach. we're just in two. so he shoots me and i take a phoyo og him..hey daddy!i love you so much!i love you..i love you.. i love youuuuuuu...i'm so proud to have you as my husband!
do you know what am i going to do (just like sule's song) in here? in this gothic, etnic, and romantic resto.. what kind of menu that i choose in its place?pecel lele,haha,jauh2 ke bali masih aja makannya pecel lele.abisnya aneh,ternyata masih musim lele jg disini.
my husband with his dragon tatto, and i with my butterfly and flowers. in Palembang it's called "cak keTATOan".hahaa;D
di kuta baaaaaliiii cintaaaa kitaaaa...bersemiiii..(nanannana)*)foto ini sebenernya JELEK banget, you know why? si daddy dg gayanya yg sok cool and i?begitu antusias take a picture with him.so, its just like an actor and his atractive fan. hehe:)

jejak langkah di kuta bali....                                                                                                                                                                 


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  1. I am Me says:
    6 April 2011 22.05

    turut berbahagiaaa yaaa miih

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