honeymoon (lanjutan)

Kute Bali > Tanah Lot

*) passanger : Mr. & Mrs. Reza Martadinata
*) vehicle     : Motorcycle ( rent to bli-bli )
*) as we know, we need arround 2 hours more to to go Tanah Lot, if we start from Kute Bali *)our losmen is near Kuta beach. But, we can reach Tanah Lot just for 1 hour. Haha, with high speed. touring to Tanah Lot by V*rio.
A truly remarkable and feature temple, Tanah Lot is built on a stony narrow piece of terrain, which the high tides transform into an island, making right of entry from the land impossible.

Tanah Lot is one of tourist places and destination in Bali, it is popular with beatifull sunset. what a wonderful!
welcome to Tanah Lot..

lays on Tanah Lot

hey dear, what are you doing there?

pura at Tanah Lot..

hmm.what's it? it's so popular in bali. everywhere we go, this thing must be present.
it's call Bunga Sajen.

here it is Bunga Sajen..

good bye Tanah Lot..

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