My Friday Morning

I start my day at 05.35 a.m., directly hold my HP, call my husband, and then sleep (again). hehe ;) ten minutes later, it's the real wake up. on my right side there's mbak ni' (still in red blanket with freezing style), but i suddenly take a bath and do pray.
Several minutes later *)after preparing the atribute and doing something to do gym. and go down stair to wait Butet  to go together. so, three of us walking down the street to the office.hav a gym aerobic. it's great enough. but, a little bit bored, because of the same instructur in 2 months. what a boring aerobic! *) i think cha-cha, indian dance, or agnes monica is better than. But, it's force big amount of my energy. So tired! let's sweat! and i still enjoy!

After doing aerobic, hav breakfast with all. the menu is nasi soto. so delicious. not as usual. and then my friend and i back to our boarding house *) dr.monang gorintha owner, behind Syariah Mandiri Bank, my room at 2nd floor.

In my room, i just do nothing. My T shirt becomes wet because of the sweat. so, just enjoy my lovely place, reading otomotif magazine *)my husband's. and cosm* magazine, drink water, lay on my bed.


keep spirit!
go a head!

and now, just waiting my husband's coming.
miss u my darling ;)

2 Response to "My Friday Morning"

  1. HOW says:
    22 Maret 2011 22.20

    maju trus, its okai....

  2. amyreza says:
    22 Maret 2011 22.22

    hahaaa,thank you sir:)
    keep spirit!

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